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In cases that customers need to replace the PBX in order to update. / Have an interest with the Cloud PBX.

There’s no need to buy the legacy PBX because V-SQUARE is a cloud PBX that contribute to reducing initial costs, management of man-hour reduction, setting space and electric/power fee reduction.

The goal is to enhance the work efficiency by shifting from the legacy PBX to cloud PBX.

Enhance efficiency of working with the IP technology.
Provide effective communication with various devices and UC functions

Expect to reduce telecommunication cost

Extension that use WAN network system makes telecommunication cost free.
Use smart devices as extension and reduce the telecommunication cost.

Expect to collaborate between smart devices and business phone

To use smart devices as extension assures location free work style.

Expect to install call center system with reasonable cost

Provide IVR,ACD, recording system, supervisor function, reporting and etc… with a reasonable price that is needed in Inbound call centers.